Allagash. Kurkuma

Apr 2, 2021 | saison


Let’s face it. Allagash can do no wrong. Their craft is on point. But when you think about using Turmeric as an ingredient in beer, I had to wonder whether it would work.

Their Kurkuma is a saison with an added kick of turmeric. Pouring a mildly hazy straw color, the aromas are fairly typical of yeasty notes, coriander and a lemon pop. An earthiness also comes through, which i’m guessing is from the turmeric root. I initially thought I would get a big hit of turmeric spice but as they use the whole root in the brewing, this seems to give a much softer, subtle turmeric tone to the beer. The flavor impresses with a wonderful saison profile and the turmeric although light in flavor is noticeable, adding a little extra jazz to the beer. Perhaps the turmeric could be pushed up a notch, but either way Kurkuma is a delicious beer that will be welcomed in my fridge anytime.

5.3% ABV  |  Portland, ME

Description from the brewery:

Turmeric, or “kurkuma,” adds a hint of spice to this tropically crisp, saison-style ale. Brewing with the whole root lends all of the subtle aspects of fresh turmeric—its earthy notes and color—to Kurkuma’s dry and refreshing profile.

3 Sons Brewing Antique Alley Amber Craft Beer

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