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Jul 16, 2020 | Craft Beer Community


Miami based craft beer enthusiasts and reviewers Beer Tales tell us what is currently at the top of their tap list. Given that it’s getting to be a wonderfully hot summer, their choice of brew will no doubt be echoed throughout the country.

Beer Tales: Right now we are strongly supporting lagers and pilsners. One of our favorite beers is Mayami Blonde by Focal Beer Cafe, a nice refreshing beer made for the Miami weather.

The reason why we like the style of beer is that it shows what a true brewer is, being that it’s a style you cannot make any mistakes or you will be better off throwing away the beer. Being beer reviewers, we are always looking for that, a good fucking beer! Like we always say, life is too short to drink bad beer!

Check out more beer reviews on their Instagram page @ beer.tales now! Cheers guys.

Beer Tales Miami Craft Beer Reviewers

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