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Oct 8, 2020 | Craft Beer Community


It can be tough being a craft beer enthusiast. So many styles to choose from, amazing local breweries to discover, and a community of great people to share the experiences with. But given the push, would you be able to choose one beer that you could drink over and over again! It’s a differcult ask, but the Boston Beer Princess knows what she can always rely on.

Boston Beer Princess: Like many other craft beer drinkers I tend to not drink the same beer over and over because I like trying new ones. One exception to my rule is Be Hoppy from Wormtown Brewing. I had it for the first time in Oct of 2014 on draft and fell in love. Grapefruit/citrus IPAs were my favorite(and still are) so I was determined to have it for Thanksgiving dinner, I called around to every liquor store on the planet to see if they had it. Sadly I did not find it, Wormtown had very limited distribution at that point. Now that the brewery has been upgraded I can have it whenever, it’s one beer I will always come back to!

What a great choice. This beer is a BeerCargo Solid Pick too! Check out more craft beer happenings on Boston Beer Princesses Instagram page @bostonbeerprincess


Boston Beer Princess Craft Beer Enthusiast

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