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Lone Eagle Brewing

May 21, 2020 | Brewery, Quick Sip

Throughout the world breweries have long been a part of the community, bringing people together and forging social bonds. New Jersey’s Lone Eagle Brewing Co. made this the cornerstone of their operations, with founders Todd Becker and Bob King even getting the local community to name their craft brewery!

How did Lone Eagle get started?

We started the brewery as two local residents who felt the community needed a nice place to gather. We did not know what to name the brewery so we launched a website called – and requested names, ideas and stories. We received over 500 submissions. We narrowed it down to eight and put it out for an online vote and Lone Eagle won. Flemington (New Jersey) is well known for the Charles Lindbergh trial and Charles was the first person to do a solo transatlantic flight and his call name was lone eagle. So this worked really well as a tie in to Flemington history.

What is your favorite thing about working at Lone Eagle?

Our favorite thing is our involvement with the community. We have made so many great friends through the brewery and are very proud of our national awards (two in the first three years)!

What one beer of yours would you want people to try?

Our Maiden Flight Double IPA won gold at AC Beerfest and was named one the 10 best beers in NJ on Best of NJ. Our new release Flemington Fog is getting great reviews.

What exciting stuff can we expect from Lone Eagle in the near future?

We are close to completing our second building and this expansion will allow us to bring in our own canning line so we can offer more variety in cans.

How do you try to differentiate yourselves in a wonderful but burgeoning craft beer market?

We differentiate ourselves by offering a really unique tasting room with loft, so it is a really comfortable space to sample a beer. Our head brewer Brad Adelson (pictured) is making GREAT BEER. Brad was a brewer at Founders in Michigan and then was head of R&D and barrel aging at Victory in PA. He is simply awesome!

How can we get our hands on your beer?

Our beer is available through our tasting room and we distribute in NJ and PA and very soon will add Metro NY to our portfolio. 

Check out their tasty brews at their brewery location or throughout NJ and PA. Cheers.

Lone Eagle Brewing

44 Stangl Rd, 

Flemington, NJ 08822


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