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Odd Bird Brewing

Aug 7, 2020 | Brewery, Quick Sip

It’s always amazing to learn about breweries that have come from a background in homebrewing. Like many homebrewers, it’s often a goal or at the very least a dream lingering at the back of your mind to want to start your own brewery. That’s exactly what Odd Bird Brewing did, and a wonderful example of turning your passion into profession. Located in a old auto body shop along the Delaware River in a beautiful part of New Jersey, Odd Bird Brewing is living the dream!

How did Odd Bird Brewing get started?

This has been Adam’s dream for the past 15 years or so.  As most brewers, he began by brewing at home (first in the kitchen… then in the driveway), joined a phenomenal homebrew club (The ANNiHiLATED!), and it just sort of escalated from there.  Having a background in engineering helped too.  We chose “Odd Bird” because this is the affectionate nickname Adam earned from his mom, and it is also a nod to our fondness for birds, conservation efforts, and the native wildlife of the Delaware River.

What is your favorite thing about running a brewery?

We love the alchemy of the brewing process!  Water, hops, grain, yeast – these all go into a fermenter where an unseen and mysterious magic takes place—then, lo and behold – BEER!  And every beer can be different.  That’s some wild transmutation.  The way that the process is rigidly exacting in terms of temperature, ingredient quantity, and timing… yet, there is a jazz-like improv involved in the formulation of recipes—this is pretty paradoxically exciting, too.  But the thing that is the best though, The people..  We’ve formed amazing partnerships/friendships with our local farmers (shout out to Gorgeous Goat Creamery and to Haxton Homestead!) as well as our local hop-whisperer, and more recently, a neighborhood apiary.  Brewing small, local beer… leaving little to no waste… having a small carbon footprint.  These are really great things, too.

What one beer of yours would you want people to try?

Karen would say “Mumbletypeg” – it’s our delicious, low-percentage stout.  I know – it’s August – it’s 1000% humidity and 95 degrees in New Jersey. However, this beer is pretty darn refreshing. Adam is all about our Kolsch , “Joe’s Garage.”  Simple and to style, great after a long day in the hot brewery.

What exciting stuff can we expect from Odd Bird in the near future?

We are definitely excited for our barrel project.  A few French oak barrels that had previously held a red wine blend from Alba Vineyards are now filled with a Lambic-inspired Golden Sour Ale that will age for over a year. And while that’s too long to wait for most beer lovers, more immediately, we are pretty excited to broaden our catalogue of refreshing, clean, to-style beers with a British Ale served on cask and a smoked Helles that will transport you to times spent around a campfire with friends. Truly, we’re most excited about seeing our taproom filled with folks enjoying some pints once normalcy returns.

How do you try to differentiate yourselves in a wonderful but burgeoning craft beer market?

Let’s be honest – a milkshake IPA would definitely pay the bills.  Throw a fried donut into it or some unfermented fruit to amplify the ABV – we could probably earn enough to upgrade our system.  (Absolutely no offense to the breweries who are doing this well!) However, our hearts reside with beer that can be enjoyed with food and family in the backyard… without the consequences of becoming vividly drunk or suffering a punch to the palate.

What beer other than yours has really stood out to you?

Since the two of us encompass the entire brewery staff, we don’t get out much to try new beers. But we are completely in love with the “All Together” IPA from Sunken Silo in Lebanon, NJ, and “Helles Other People” from Tired Hands—that beer was damn near perfect.  Though, the standout was a “test batch” Table Saison brewed by Al Buck, yeast-wrangler extraordinaire of “East Coast Yeast,” that was fermented with an experimental strain.

How can we get our hands on your beer?

Visit us in Stockton, NJ!  Enjoy a pint in our soon-to-be outdoor seating area, or purchase a 32oz crowler to-go!  We’re excited to meet you.

Check out their tasty craft beers in a beautiful part of New Jersey by visiting their tap room.

Odd Bird Brewing
10 Risler St
At the Eagle Gas Station Building
Stockton NJ 08559

Odd Bird Brewery Taproom Stockton New Jersey
Odd Bird Brewery Interior Stockton New Jersey
Odd Bird Brewery River Stockton New Jersey

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    Congrats Karen and Adam! Can’t wait to visit!


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