Oskar Blues. French’s Mustard Beer

Aug 21, 2020 | Fruit & Veg, Unique Brew, Wheat


It’s been on the social media rounds for a few weeks so I had to give it a go. Knowing full well it might be gross, I was a little skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I love and applaud the creativity brewers are conjuring up in the brewhouse. There is no limit to what can become a beer. But mustard?

As it turns out French’s Mustard Beer by Oskar Blues is pretty good. A fairly typical wheat beer base, this brew has notes of citrus and a slight tartness on the tongue. The smell of mustard is subtle along with the taste that lingers delicately in the background. Overall it’s a pretty refreshing craft beer with a little spice and sourness, making it a Unique Brew that’s worth trying just to say you tried it!

5.2% ABV  |  Longmont, CO

Description from the brewery:

This is mustard that’s sipped, not squeezed. for National Mustrad Day, we created the brightest brewski you’ll ever taste, perfect for summer barbeques. It’s a semi-tart tropical wheat beer infused with citrus fruits to complement French’s Classic Yellow Mustard. the flavot included hints of key lime, lemon, tangerine and passion fruit to create a tart, refreshing match for the spice and zip of the mustard. Grab a can and see for yourself. After all, it’s mustard o’clock somewhere.

Oskar Blues French's Mustard Beer

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