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Other Desi Beer Co.

Jun 3, 2020 | Brewery, Quick Sip

With so many craft breweries opening doors across America, we craft beer drinkers have never had it so good. But for a brewer, it can be a challenge to distinguish yourself in a wonderful thriving market. Ravi Patel, the founder of Other Desi Beer Co has gallantly stepped up to the plate by using South Asian flavors in his brews, and by following through with his company adage ‘enjoy beer and give back’.

How did Other Desi Beer get started?

I grew up working at my parents package store and I was always interested in how wine, liquors, and of course, beer was made. When I was in college, I spent time at a local brewery learning about the process of making beer and started home brewing after I graduated. All of these things inspired me to start my own brewery and I really wanted to make something that reflected the flavors and themes of my culture and I wanted to find a way to give back, so I created Other Desi Beer Co (ODB Co). All of our brews have some South Asian flavor or theme represented and each year we donate a portion of our profits to a different charity. I think there’s a lack of diversity in the liquor industry and I hope I can change that perspective through Other Desi Beer.

What is your favorite thing about owning a brewery?

The people and the process of creating something. I’ve met and have worked with so many amazing people in this industry and have loved going through the process with all of them: from experimenting with different recipes, creating the label, marketing and releasing my beers, it’s all been such a great experience for me. Everyone I’ve met, from the brewery owners, restaurant owners, liquor store owners, and beer enthusiasts have been so positive about what everyone is doing in this space and it’s great to see. I love being able to bounce ideas off of my family and friends and has been a great creative outlet for me. I especially have loved being able to work with so many artists around the world to create something special.

What one beer of yours would you want people to try?

Right now, we’re really excited about our High Chai (tea) Stout, our newest brew which is, an Imperial 7.5% Stout brewed with chai and Parle-G biscuits, an Indian tea cookie. I am really excited to share this beer with others as it’s the first beer that is so connected to Indian flavors. I drink chai and eat Parle-G biscuits all the time, so to turn it into a beer has been really cool and I love how it turned out. When ice cold you get flavors of chocolate, mint and vanilla. As it warms up to room temp you start to taste more of warm spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove and black peppercorn. One of our favorite ways to drink it is by making an ODB (an Old Dirty Bomb) which is our High Chai mixed with any coffee liqueur.

What exciting stuff can we expect from Other Desi Beer in the near future?

We are working on a special sour that we’ll make once a year and the profits will go to Breast Cancer Research. The beer, “3 Rani’s (Rani meaning queen) represents three strong women in my life who have had a huge impact on me: my mom and two aunts. Because of delays due to COVID-19, we don’t have a confirmed release date yet but are hoping to be able to drop it sometime in the late summer/fall.

How do you try to differentiate yourselves in a wonderful but burgeoning craft beer market?

I think two things really differentiate us. One is that all of our brews represent South Asian flavors and are personal to me. Each brew uses flavors that are reminiscent of my childhood and foods that I grew up eating and still enjoy today. The other is that we donate to a different charity every year. We wanted to find a way to give back and couldn’t just pick one organization ​that we wanted to support. Our premise is to “enjoy beer and give back”. I really believe we have something unique here to explore, create, and enjoy with others.

Excluding your own, what beer have you had recently that has stood out to you?

There are a few. Because my parents own a package store, I get to try all kinds of brews when they come out. But if I had to choose one it would definitely be When I Rest, I Rust a Pilsner from Front Porch Brewing, based right in my hometown, Wallingford, CT! It’s light, clean and crisp.

How can we get our hands on your beer?

We are currently distributed in CT, in package stores all across the state and features in many restaurants in CT. You can visit our site and use our beer locator to find the nearest package store or restaurant that carries our beer. We are also currently exploring distribution in other states, with our eyes set on distribution in NY next.

Check out their unique and tasty craft beers throughout Connecticut and coming to a state near you soon!

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