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SanTan Brewing

Jun 24, 2020 | Brewery, Quick Sip

Located in the beautiful San Tan Mountain region in Arizona, SanTan Brewing has established itself as the states largest independent brewery. As a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts throughout the area, founder and brewmaster Anthony Canecchia isn’t satisfied with just creating award-winning brews. The brewery has branched out into crafting innovative spirits too. Check out more about this amazing and must visit brewery in this edition of Quick Sips.

What inspired you to start a brewery and how did the name come about?

It all started with Founder and Brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia who had a mission to pair great beer with great food to inspire conversations that could change the world. The term “SanTan” comes from our beautiful and sprawling mountain range by the same name. The San Tan Mountains are located a short drive from Chandler and is home to more than 10,000 acres of open desert with hiking/biking trails & a visitor’s center featuring wildlife exhibits. It’s right in our own backyard and is a great place to take a six back of beer and have an adventure.

What is your favorite thing about being a brewer?

As Arizona’s largest independent brewery & distillery, we’re thrilled to be paving the way for continued growth within the local craft beer industry. We’re humbled by the love and recognition we’ve received, and we continue to strive to produce the very best in quality, consistency and flavor across this great state. Having the ability to produce products that are celebrated by so many is an amazing feeling.

What one beer of yours would you want people to try?

To really get the full SanTan Brewing experience, I would recommend trying our MoonJuice Galactic IPA, Juicy Jack Hazy IPA and Winter Warmer.

MoonJuice IPA – An out-of-this-world IPA crafted with tons of Galaxy and Nelson-Sauvin hops that transcends all Earthly pleasures, emitting an aroma of peach, apricot and tropical fruit. 7.3% ABV

Juicy Jack IPA – This Juicy Hazy IPA showcases Mosaic and Cashmere hops which explode with aromas of peach, guava and tangerine. Fruity and juicy, a generous amount of oats are added to give Juicy Jack a rich, full bodied flavor. 6.5% ABV

Winter Warmer – Winter Warmer is the first specialty beer ever brewed at SanTan Brewing! Our annual Winter Warmer ale is based on a traditional English Old Ale recipe and then spiced with 10 lbs of fresh ginger from Lee Lee Market. Generous amounts of caramel and roasted malts are added to give Winter Warmer a deep ruby brown hue. The malt is backed by 10 gallons of Arizona orange blossom honey that lends a slightly sweet taste to the big malt flavor with a sting of ginger. Preferred by Santa over a glass of milk! 9.5% ABV

What exciting stuff can we expect from SanTan in the near future?

The Health and Wellness trend is here to stay and at SanTan Brewing Company we have our sights set to the future. Americans are eating and drinking healthier than ever and SanTan is engaged in the development of Industry changing products that will be at the vanguard of beverages in America soon.

How do you try to differentiate yourselves in a wonderful but burgeoning craft beer market?

At SanTan Brewing Company, our biggest differentiators are also our biggest strengths – creativity, quality control and dedication to innovation. As we’ve grown, so has our commitment to redefining our flavors and development of new craft beers for desert dwellers. We love to source local ingredients, whenever possible, to support our growing Arizona economy. We’ve also been active leaders of the “craft can revolution” since the beginning and we’ve stayed committed to the supreme package that provides improved freshness, shelf-life and is easy to recycle.

How can we get our hands on your beer?

SanTan Brewing Company has two brewpubs – one in Uptown Phoenix and one in Downtown Chandler and a location in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We also have a tasting room at our SanTan production facility where we offer tours of our brewing and distilling process and sell packaged products to go. For more info, you can visit us online at

Check out their tasty craft beers at one of their taprooms.

SanTan Brewery

Downtown Chancler, Chandler, AZ

Uptown Pheonix, Pheonix, AZ

SanTan Brewery Juicy Jack Craft Beer
SanTan Brewery Can Craft Beers
SanTan Brewery Canzilla


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